Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Royal Mail prices set to increase by up to 50%... time to use SMS?

With Royal Mail announcing that this April stamp prices are due to increase by up to 50%, the time has never been better to use SMS messaging to lower costs and avoid expensive postal charges.

While prices are yet to be confirmed, industry leaders suggest the rise could be as much as 19p on second class stamps alone, raising the current cost from 36p to 55p per item – the cost of which could cover a minimum of five text messages sent through 2sms.com.

SMS is fast, efficient and allows you to track your messages to the recipient – unlike the postal service. There is no cost to the environment and no stationery is required. And if you get a wrong number – unlike a wrong address – your message is marked as failed, has cost you very little and you can remove it from your list immediately instead of continuing to pay for messages that never arrive.

Why send an expensive letter when an SMS will do?

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