Friday, December 19, 2008

Send your Christmas wishes by SMS

Have you sent your Christmas cards yet? Don’t worry if you haven’t. Use your text messaging account to send Christmas wishes to your customers, employees, or anyone else you can think of. SMS wishes are cheaper, quicker and more likely to be read. Send your messages now or schedule them to be sent just before Christmas. The only thing for you to do now is... enjoy the holiday season.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Set up Direct Debit with 2sms now !

2sms now offers a Direct Debit service to its customers. You can set up automatic payments for your invoices with Direct Debit. This service doesn’t have to be monthly you can also sign up if your purchases are less frequent.

If you wish to take advantage of this efficient service please contact us on 01234 757 800 or and we will send you a form to complete.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Changes to UK website

2sms launched today a new UK website. It has been adapted with a new layout and some changes to the menu which aims to improve the navigation around the site. Improved look and feel and a suite of new products are all offered.
We would like to hear your thoughts, let us know if we can make any further enhancements to suit your needs.

Friday, November 28, 2008

2sms launch an Enhanced Long Messaging Product

2sms has just launch an Enhanced Long Messaging product that allows text messages of up to 3,500 characters to be sent to web enabled mobile phones. By sending messages through Enhanced Long Messaging, it is possible to send information that is more detailed and communicates more effectively to a broader range of devices. Enhanced Long Messages can be retrieved from any device or computer capable of accessing the internet.

2sms Secure Messaging product launch

In response to customer demand 2sms has launched a Secure Messaging product. Secure SMS allows text messages of up to 3,500 characters to be sent to mobile phones with enhanced security features. Messages sent are encrypted. They may require a password to be read and can ‘dissolve’ after reading. The instant reports provide information to indicate when the message was delivered as well as when it was read. You can send a secure message now by going to

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

2sms launch a new web site for it's US business

2sms today launhed a new web site for US customers. The web site remains at, but has been tailored for the US marketplace. Improvements include new information, solutions for industry verticals, a Buyers Guide, and improved navigation and flow through the site.

2sms continues to offer US customers 24/7 toll free support on 877 276 7266, or email

Monday, October 13, 2008

Characterizing the Limitations of 3rd Party EAS systems

Verizon Wireless’ proposed 3-cent texting fee

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Text overload - RCR wireless article

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

2sms appoints Kevin Jauncey as Chairman

2sms is delighted to appoint Kevin Jauncey as Chairman of the 2sms Group, which includes Ltd (UK) and 2sms LLC (USA).

Kevin Jauncey is a senior executive having worked at board level in the Telecoms and IT/ Software market in both PLC and private companies for the last 10 years. A proven track record of growing business, good communication and building strong dynamic teams. He is experienced in raising capital in both the private and public sectors, and delivering strategies based on M&A activity. He has a deep understanding of the Global Communication market, and has developed a strong network of IT and Communication professionals and executives.

He is also currently Chairman of PIXELearning Ltd. and on the board of a number of technology companies, ranging from video gaming peripherals to the construction software sector. He also advises companies on strategic development.
Among many roles in International Telecoms, he was responsible for BT's telecom business in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. He was also Director of a BT - France Telecom joint venture.

2sms adds a SMS Google Gadget

2sms is pleased to add a SMS Google Gadget to its inventory of software add-ins.

The gadget runs on the following servers :
· Microsoft Sharepoint 2007 Server
· iGoogle
· IBM WebSphere portal server
· BEA WebLogic server
· RedHat JBoss portal
· SUN portal

The Gadget runs on the following Google services ;
· iGoogle
· Google Apps start pages
· Google Chrome
· Google Desktop
· Google Maps
· Google Toolbar
· Orkut
· Blogger
· Google Calendar
· Google Spreadsheets API and Tools

Friday, August 22, 2008

2sms launches SMS XML web services v2

2sms is delighted to announce that is has launched version 2 of its SMS XML web services.

These web services provide access to the core functionality of the messaging system allowing you to create your own applications that utilise text messaging and email. We provide two types of web services for you to use: Simple and Complex. Both of these contain the same functionality but require either the use of simple data types (e.g. string and integer) or complex data types (e.g. date/time and array).

For full documentaton, please visit

2sms will continue to support version 1 web services, so existing customers

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Purchasing cards now accepted by 2sms LLC

2sms LLc is now able to accept US domestic purchasing cards for payment. This adds to Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Diners Club that are also accepted.

2sms also offers invoicing terms for established customers.

2sms operates in the US and UK, and accepts payments in USD $, GBP£ and EUR €.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

New products - sneak peak

2sms is proud to offer a sneak peak of its new suite of productivity products.

Team Collect - Create questions, and send them out to your mobile workforce for online completion from web browser or mobile device.

Team Publish - Publish information direct to the mobile phone using mobile internet. Excel spreadsheets and Team Collect data to mobile works in 60 seconds.

Team Links - Create links to mobile web sites and share them with your team.

Team News - Create links to RSS newsfeeds, and publish to your people on the move.

Team Address - view your 2sms address book from a mobile device.


TeamData portal - Pull all the products together into a mobile portal for remote workers.

2sms new web site

2sms is pleased to announce its new web site. Improved navigation, a Return on Investment calculator, and a suite of new products are all offered.

For the technically minded, the new website is running on Microsoft .Net 3.5 infrastructure, served from a web farm for improved performance and service quality.

Friday, June 20, 2008 joins the Nothing But Nets campaign

Nothing But Nets is a grassroots campaign to save lives by preventing malaria, a leading killer of children in Africa.

The UN Foundation has now partnered with groups as diverse as National Basketball Association's NBA Cares, The People of the United Methodist Church and Sports Illustrated to bring Nothing But Nets to the American public. These Founding Partners are joined by corporate, multi-media and financial partners to make a significant impact by raising awareness and funds to purchase and distribute bed nets and save lives.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Verizon buys Alltel in $28bn deal

Verizon Wireless has said that it is buying Alltel in a deal worth $28.1bn making it the largest mobile phone network in the US, overtaking AT&T.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Blog on the future of mobile messaging

YFM, investor in 2sms, is acquired by the GLE Group.

YFM Press release

Sale creates powerful national force for UK's growing businesses

YFM Group has been acquired by GLE Group, a leading provider of investment and advisory services to small and growing businesses. YFM’s Head Office in Leeds will remain the focus of YFM Group’s activities and the YFM brand will be retained. The combined businesses will now employ over 320 highly qualified staff in the UK and on the Continent, and take funds under management to £335 million. “The union with GLE will enable the continued activity of both investment arms, YFM Venture Finance and YFM Private Equity, in addressing the perceived gap in the market for risk capital. “ said Peter Garnham, Managing Director of YFM Venture Finance.

GLE currently operates a range of businesses, including property investment and development, business finance, business development and an economic development consultancy.
YFM Business Development, which manages the Manufacturing Advisory Service in the Yorkshire & Humber region, will work closely with the business development team at GLE.
“The joining of GLE and YFM will open up new opportunities for both businesses“, said Martin Large, Chief Executive, GLE. “Both companies share a similar history and a passion for innovative solutions for small businesses. The union will further build on the national presence and strong reputation of YFM. I very much look forward to a very positive future for GLE and YFM”. “Joining forces makes logical sense for YFM employees, clients, partners and the wider business community. YFM’s businesses fit very well alongside GLE’s Growth Capital and Business Development activities and together both Groups will be significantly stronger.” said David Hall, Managing Director of YFM Private Equity.

About GLE Group
GLE, a leading economic development company delivering investment, products and services to promote small business growth, is headquartered in London with satellite offices spanning the South East, Brussels, and Prague. A trusted partner in small business support and equity finance, GLE is renowned for innovation and commitment to developing products, investment and services to maximise the potential of individuals, small enterprises and growing businesses. By bringing together commercial know-how in economic development, finance and
regeneration GLE delivers key public policy objectives. For more information, visit

About YFM Group
From ten regional offices the YFM Group, through its FSA registered arms YFM Venture Finance and YFM Private Equity, manage circ £300 million of funds for both institutional and retail clients. Investors include UK clearing banks, pension funds, private individuals, large corporates, the European Investment Fund and local, national and European governments combined with the Regional Development Agencies. Our team of over 40 investment managers specialise in making investments with equity of up to £8 million, although the leveraging effect of venture capital means that the total value of the deal can be much larger. YFM Group are the small business investment specialists and are the UK’s most active investor in SMEs (as
verified by Venture Index), and have been successfully backing businesses since 1982.
In the 12 months to end of March 2008 YFM Group invested £47 million in deals worth over £220 million in 91 companies across the UK.

2sms service updates

2sms is now publishing it's serivce updates in a new section of its support forum.

This information is also supplied in RSS format. Subscribe to

Auto charging

In response to customer requests, 2sms is now able to offer auto charging. Once setup, a customer can arrange for 2sms to issue an auto-invoice when their account balance gets low. This process is automatic. This new service provides reassurance to a customer that they will never run out of messages in time of need.

The auto charging service is provided at no extra cost, and may be subject to a credit check.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

2sms support forum

2sms has updated it's support forum at This area is used by customers to pose technical questions to the 2sms IT support team.

All the support forums also are available as RSS news feeds.

CTIA Las Vegas 2008

2sms will be attending CTIA April 1-3. Antonio Villacorta and Thomas Heidelberg will represent 2sms. 877-2sms-com for more information.

Fierce Wireless - Growing US market for SMS

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

2sms is pleased to announce that it is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. 2sms has recently implemented Microsoft SQL server 2005 enterprise edition for its main database platform.

M+A article on 2sms

Thursday, March 06, 2008

2sms opens office in Chicago, USA

2sms has opened an office in Chicago, USA. Located close to O'Hare airport, this facility will serve as a customer service center for US customers, and also provide training facilities for the 2sms US staff.

The office address is:

999 Plaza Drive, Suite 777

Telephone : 877-726-7266

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Briteyellow extend wifi coverage to John Lewis in Milton Keynes

Briteyellow, a 2sms reseller, has installed public WiFi in the John Lewis department store in Milton Keynes, UK, and continues its roll out across the city.

Briteyellow is a reseller of the 2sms product range.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

2sms Real Estate solution - with thanks to Rupert Stephenson, Group MD at James Fancy

2sms would like to thank Rupert Stephenson of James Fancy ( for his assistance in testing the 2sms Real Estate application. Rupert and his team provided invaluable advice and support in the development of the application.

The James Fancy Group is a group of Estate Agents in the Surrey area of South East England, selling and letting premier properties.

The 2sms Real Estate application allows Estate Agents and Realtors to provide instant property information to prospective clients who see 'For Sale' and 'For Let' signs outside properties. By texting in the property number displayed on the board, the interested party can receive property details instantly to their mobile phone.

Monday, February 11, 2008

EU to warn firms on text charging
2sms charges its EU customers the same price for SMS delivery anywhere in the EU.
So send from 2sms to UK, French, Italian or German mobile phones, and we charge the same fee.

(UK phones roaming on non UK networks may be charged a roaming fee for SMS delivery by their network provider.)

Thursday, February 07, 2008

London Prepared 2008 - See 2sms on stand

2sms is delighted to be presenting at London Prepared 2008 on Monday 10th March 2008

2sms will be demonstrating two co-branded products with our partner, TEW+.

  • CCTV
  • Emegency planning

The event will be held at : Victoria Park Plaza, 239 Vauxhall Bridge Road, London, SW1V 1EQ

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Browser support at 2sms

2sms is pleased inform customers that its web site support the following browsers.

Firefox 2.x
Opera 9
Safari (windows)

In addition, customers with mobile devices can use our small screen optimised site at - This site allows access with the same user name and password as the main web site.

Support for customers with disabilities is offered by our main site being Bobby compliant.

Monday, February 04, 2008

2sms Feb 2008 newsletter

Prior copies
Jan 2008 -
Dec 2007 -

2sms in Business Weekly

The Chilli - 2sms funding

Dow Jones Venturewire article

17 January 2008

Thursday, January 17, 2008

UK Text Messager 2sms Secures $880K

London -- Mobile phone messaging services provider 2sms has secured an investment of GBP450,000 ($883,000). The funding includes GBP250,000
($490,000) from the Capital Fund, which participated alongside individual investor Richard Goldstein, who has also joined the 2sms board.

2sms provides text-messaging services to businesses, with software that can be bolted onto the back-end systems its clients are currently using, thereby avoiding technology conflicts, the company said.

Since beginning operations in 2000, 2sms has been concentrating on the U.K. market, where it now has more than 1,500 customers. The company is now expanding into the U.S.

Established in 2002, the Capital Fund, managed by YFM Venture Finance Limited, is a GBP50 million venture capital fund that backs fast-growing small- and medium-sized companies in the London area and is the largest of England's regional venture capital funds, the firm said.

©2008 Technologic Partners

Sunday, January 20, 2008

2sms appoints Kevin McGoven as Finance Director

2sms is delighted to appoint Kevin McGoven as Finance Director of Limited. Kevin's experience in the Telecoms sector includes working for Cable and Wireless, and brought Envesta Telecom plc, to the AIM market.

Richard Goldstein appointed Non Executive Director of 2sms

2sms is delighted to announce the appointment of Richard Goldstein as a Non Executive Director of Limited. Richard Goldstein is an experienced investor in the SME sector, and has invested £200,000 in 2sms.

Text Messaging Systems Innovator, 2sms, secures £450,000 with help from The Capital Fund

Articles linking to 2sms's recent investment received by the Capital fund.

Capital Fund :

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Unquote News :

Manda deals :

Central Innovation :

Library House :

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2sms opens second USA data center

2sms is pleased to announce that it has commissioned a second server cluster site at facilities provided by Equinix ( The second site will be in Chicago, IL. This site will be a mirror of the Ashburn, VA site, and will be used for contingency / failover purposes. The site will go live on Jan 31st 2008. This additional investment is in response to the growing 2sms US business.