Monday, May 18, 2009

Enterprises turn to SMS - Sybase 365 article (2sms reference)

The unrivalled global usage of mobile messaging is becoming increasingly attractive to enterprises as a generator for new revenue streams as well as providing value added services for end-users. More and more are embracing SMS, as a new and effective medium to reach their customers.

An example of how SMS can lead to cost reduction and increased customer satisfaction: An electronics manufacturer using SMS to lessen the burden on their call center for returned and warranty goods. This company has a single return center and a single phone number that customers can call. When an appliance breaks down, the customer calls the 800 number; the operator takes the appliance serial number and asks the customer to send the item to a specific address for repair. The customer sends it, then calls to see if it was received; then calls again to see if it is being fixed, then calls again to ask when it will be shipped back to them.

By using SMS, the customer sends a text message to the repair group with the appliance serial number; they get a return SMS message that gives them the address to which the item must be sent. When the item is received, the repair center confirms via an SMS alert to the customer and when the item is repaired the customer receives an SMS alert with the tracking number for the return shipment.

What is the difference? A minimum of five phone calls at the cost of $6 per minute versus five SMS messages with a total cost of about $0.25. Other benefits to the enterprise and the customer include reduction in call wait times and increase in customer satisfaction.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

2sms launches Trigger messaging for US customers

Trigger Messaging provides quick and easy way to reach targeted mobile audience with automated message flow. Customer loyalty and rewards campaigns can be planned and launched in minutes.

Market your product, services or coupons with the cost effective text message marketing. Using Trigger Messaging is cost effective which can help to improve the speed, efficiency and therefore profitability of communications in your business.

  • Customized personal Keyword and Trigger Message
  • Message is trigger when cell phone initiates the Keyword to the share shortcode
  • All reply messages can be routed back to your computer, email, database system using XML or text message
  • Auto reply messages is what you build in a Trigger Message
  • Modify your Trigger Message anytime/anywhere within seconds
  • All incoming information can be routed back to your computer, email, database system using XML or text message

Monday, May 11, 2009

Momote Add innovative Text Messaging Capabilities to Partner Network

2009-04-06 13:59 by Momote Editor

Leading mobile workforce management software provider Momote has teamed up with business text messaging experts to further extend Momote’s end-to-end solution capabilities.

Headquartered in the UK and USA, offers businesses the ability to send text messages from a web-portal to single or multiple mobile phones simultaneously. Messages can be sent immediately, queued for sending later, or be set up to send repeated messages at regular intervals.

2sms offer full reporting of message delivery and content and information security is underpinned by ISO 27001 accreditation.

Momote have already been approached by one existing client for a business text messaging extension to their solution and are in the process of communicating the benefits to other clients and new prospects.

Momote Sales and Marketing Director, John Tonkin explains, ‘Mutually beneficial strategic partnerships, such as this one with 2sms, ensure we have a diverse array of routes to market, crucial in current market conditions.’

‘As well as opening up new opportunities for Momote, the partnership now means that 2sms have access to market leading mobile workforce management technology enabling them to approach vertical markets that they could not previously consider.’