Friday, July 16, 2010

Are you interested in sending SMS messages in Arabic or Chinese?

2sms has implemented a service to support SMS messages written using non-Latin characters. One Unicode text message can only contain 70 characters, therefore when sending messages longer than that using characters outside the GSM 7-bit alphabet, the charges will vary. Call your account manager on 01234 757 800 or email to get the service set up and running on your 2sms account today.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

2sms launches TeamData - Collect and publish information to mobile phones

2sms announces the launch of it's Team Data product - this is the 2nd version of the product.

Team Data has two parts :

Team Collect - Allows you to create questionnaires, send them to mobile phones, and collect the answers, all from the web. You can set deadlines, and you can re-use your questions weekly, monthly or yearly.

Team Publish - If you want to publish small bits of internal information to your team, use Team Publish. Simply enter your data only, click a few buttons, and those you authorise can view the data in the browser on their phone.

Team Data is free to set up for 2sms customers; we charge one message credit to your account each time someone completes a questionnaire.