Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Old versions of the 2sms web site

Visit http://www.archive.org and enter www.2sms.com to see old versions of the 2sms web site.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

2sms web site improvements

We have made 3 improvements to the menu structure of the web site.

1. The Help menu is now consistent irrespective of whether you are logged into the web site or not. The menu options now link to the
- Contact us
- Getting started
- Documents (library)
- Demos
- Support forum
- 2sms blog
- Site map

2. The 'What we do' menu has been renamed 'Solutions', and restacked to list the solutions that we offer.

- Text messaging (with sub menu)
- Emergency planning
- Find our Folks
- Real Estate
- Branded sites
- Bespoke development
- Reselling

3. The Developers zone menu now has options for each of the sub sections,
- Desktop software
- Portable
- Office add-ins
- Portal
- Developers
- Other

These changes have come about in response to customer comments, which are greatly appreciated.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Extended Validation SSL certificate

2sms is pleased to announce that it has implemented an Extended Validation SSL certification, using Verisign as the certificate authority.

SSL is used to allow HTTPS access to the 2sms web site (www.2sms.com) , and also the 2sms XML services at www.2sms.com/xml.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Google Android - SMS API


New XML web page for 2sms Text Messaging

Following requests from customers, 2sms has added a web page to cover all things XML related to text messaging. With links to 3rd party learning tools, free 2sms software, and links to the 2sms XML schemas, this page provides and introduction to sending SMS messages using XML, SOAP or Web Services (WSDL).


Thursday, November 01, 2007

Ban on two handed texting while driving (USA)


This proposed law has the support of 2sms!

New 2sms office in London, UK

2sms is pleased to announce a new office in London, UK.

The address is :

Regent's Place
338 Euston Road

0800 65 222 77

This office will serve as the 2sms registered office, Corporate HQ, and facilities to meet with customers.

2sms has offices in the UK and US

US : Reston, VA. Geneva, IL. Atlanta, GA. Reno, NV
UK : London, and Cranfield (Milton Keynes)