Wednesday, November 14, 2007

2sms web site improvements

We have made 3 improvements to the menu structure of the web site.

1. The Help menu is now consistent irrespective of whether you are logged into the web site or not. The menu options now link to the
- Contact us
- Getting started
- Documents (library)
- Demos
- Support forum
- 2sms blog
- Site map

2. The 'What we do' menu has been renamed 'Solutions', and restacked to list the solutions that we offer.

- Text messaging (with sub menu)
- Emergency planning
- Find our Folks
- Real Estate
- Branded sites
- Bespoke development
- Reselling

3. The Developers zone menu now has options for each of the sub sections,
- Desktop software
- Portable
- Office add-ins
- Portal
- Developers
- Other

These changes have come about in response to customer comments, which are greatly appreciated.

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