Friday, August 31, 2007

2sms Widset

2sms has added a Widset to - You can now get 2sms RSS newsfeeds on Widsets on your mobile phone.

New SMS app for

Sneak preview of the new version 3.02 app for - visit

This app works in APEX v9.0, and does not require a Java Virtual Machine. A 2sms account will be required. Get a no cost trial account at

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Apple Dashboard Widget

This a very simple widget for Apple's Dashboard feature, introduced in Mac OS X 10.4 'Tiger'. It allows you to send SMS text messages via the Internet to mobile phones. Provided by Charlie Boisseau, a long time and faithful 2sms friend.

2sms XML schemas - new v2.0 has details of the new 2sms schemas. Backwardly compatible to the v1.0 schemas, 2sms has added additional methods for message sending and reporting.

Documentation is much improved, with many more examples. Examples of each of the methods in the Send Message section will be of particular interest to developers.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

2sms RSS Newsfeeds

The following newsfeeds are maintained in the 2sms support forum at

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Forum Comments / Suggestions -
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Service News -
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Text messaging in the USA - SMTP v SMPP

There are two ways to send SMS messages in the USA.

The 'unapproved' way. Find a 'free' SMTP gateway, and send messages via email.

Advantages :
- Free

Disadvantages :
- Subject to anti spam filters. You are at risk of having your IP address blacklisted.
- You will need to know which mobile phone carrier owns the handset you are sending a text message to. Each carrier has a different gateway configuration.
- Delays, Messages can take seconds, minutes or hours to be delivered.

The 'approved' way - Via an aggregator or service provider who has officially provisioned connections to the mobile phone carriers.

Advantages :
- Your messages will get delivered
- Fast
- Single messages or in bulk
- With a service level agreement

Disadvantages :
- Not free!