Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How SMS messaging is changing the world

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Planet Text
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Friday, December 02, 2011

New CRM Add-In for 2sms makes it even easier to text your contacts

2sms is pleased to announce the new CRM SMS Add-in developed by our partner Westwood Software, which allows customers to send messages to their CRM contacts within their existing software.

2sms has teamed up with our business partner Westwood Software to deliver an SMS solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4. The integration between Dynamics CRM 4 and 2sms enables rapid communication with contacts saved within CRM using SMS channel.

SMS messages can be sent to individuals as well as multiple contacts. The solution also offers a 2way functionality allowing inbound messages to be received into a Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

To see how easy it is to use see Westwood Software's demonstration video below.

For details on integration please contact or for information on any 2sms product call the 2sms Sales and Support Team on 0800 65 222 77. You can also email us at

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

2sms launches new SMSC for small and large volume SMPP users

2sms is pleased to announce the launch of a new SMSC, and with it a new plug-and-go SMPP service, which comes with zero setup cost and simple per message billing.

The new SMSC is SMPP v3.4 compliant, and capable of both inbound (MO) and outbound (MT) messaging, with support for full delivery receipts (DLR). The service is an instant setup offering, with no setup or monthly fees. There is no minimum usage requirement and the 2sms SMSC integrates instantly with products like Sybase Afaria, Sybase iAnywhere, X-Methods Alarmpoint and Remedy Helpdesk.

Benefits of the product are:

1. 10 minute setup time from opening an account to sending SMS messages
2. No setup fees or monthly minimum fees
3. Fully SMPP v3.4 compliant
4. Delivery receipts provided
5. Simple 'per message' billing

"Many customers purchase SMS-enabled software and tools only to find that the tools require an SMPP connection. Most SMS suppliers require a lengthy set-up process, big up-front fees and minimum monthly commitments," says Tim King, CEO of 2sms. "Great if you’re sending high volume SMS, not so great if you only want to send small volumes." He adds, "Our customers have been asking for a plug-and-go SMSC with none of the usual costs up front costs, just per message billing. But despite the zero set-up cost, this platform can deliver volume as well." He ends, "Existing 2sms customers can use this service at no extra cost."

The 2sms SMSC is also aimed at SMS providers seeking to improve their supported network reach, since 2sms connects to multiple suppliers to ensure a world-beating international coverage. A single account with 2sms can solve all your network gaps without requiring a hefty commitment or big expenditure – allowing you to reach the Earth without it costing the Earth.

For more information please get in touch with our Sales and Support Team on +44 800 65 222 77 or email

Friday, November 18, 2011

New Indian SMS traffic regulations will affect 2sms customers

Customers looking to send messages internationally may be aware of the new regulations brought in by the Indian government to manage and limit SMS traffic being sent to Indian mobile phones.

India is the world’s second largest wireless market, with nearly 900 million subscribers, and as in every country with a mobile network, spam and marketing SMS messaging has become increasingly popular as a way to reach consumers quickly and cheaply. With the number of complaints rising and the exponential growth of this type of messaging in India, they have now introduced new laws to curb and prevent these communications. As a result, all messaging in India is now subject to these laws, including messages coming from international SMS providers such as 2sms.

These new regulations come in three parts:

  • No messages will be delivered to any Indian mobile phone between the hours of 9pm and 9am (Indian Standard Time), and any messages sent overnight will be queued until 9am the following day.

  • No Indian SIM card can send more than 200 messages per day, and no more than 6000 in a given month. (This does not apply to 2sms customers.)

  • Users who register themselves on the National Customer Preference Register (NCPR) are opted out of receiving any messages which the regulations deem to be ‘promotional’, regardless of the content of the message. This includes any message not physically sent from a mobile phone handset, and all messages sent by 2sms. The user can then choose to opt in to one or more different categories of messages that they are interested in receiving, as follows:

1. Banking/Insurance/Financial products/credit cards

2. Real Estate

3. Education

4. Health

5. Consumer goods and automobiles

6. Communication/Broadcasting/Entertainment/IT

7. Tourism and Leisure.

What does this mean for 2sms customers?

As a company we are required to adhere to the rules and regulations of each country we send to. This means that we cannot send any messages to Indian customers who have opted out of receiving promotional messages, and we cannot send to Indian users between the hours of 9pm and 9am IST (GMT+5.5), regardless of the content of the message.

If your recipient is registered in the NCPR but would like to receive messages sent by 2sms, they can find instructions on how to do so here on the NCPR register website, or simply text STOP 0 to 1909, the NCPR’s toll-free number, to opt-in to receiving all categories. To opt in to a specific category, the user should text START [category number] to 1909.

If you have any questions about these regulations, or about sending messages internationally with 2sms, please get in touch with our Sales and Support team on +44 800 65 222 77.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fly Ozone launch their iPhone app, developed by 2sms

The Fly Ozone App allows Ozone customers to experience the brand in a mobile environment. The App seeks to add to the healthy sporting lifestyle values of the brand while engaging with the customer.

The App allows the customer to

- Read the Fly Ozone news feeds, storing information offline within the App.
- Access and experience Ozone videos showing Ozone customers in action on with their Land, Snow and Surf Kites.
- Provide a feed of the Kitezone Twitter feed, allowing offline storage of Tweets.
- Provides contact information for Ozone customers.
- Explains the brand values of Ozone to customers.
The App will be introducing exciting new features in future versions to further enhance the user experience.
- Provide contact information

Bromham Scouts go mobile

The Bromham Scout Group has launched their own iPhone App to bring information relating to the Livingstone Scout Troop to the local community.

The App provides the following information :

- General Scout information.
- A feed of the BromhamScouts twitter feed, storable offline.
- A feed of the Bromham Scouts blog, storable offline.
- Child Safety information.
- Contact information.

The App will be used in Scout meetings to teach Scouts how to add additional services to the App. Future versions of the App will contain meeting schedules, photos of past camps and other events, maps of campsites and Scouting facilities used in the year, and guidance on how to join Scouts, Explorers, Cubs and Beavers.

The App was developed by 2sms.

2sms supplies b2b Eco with an iPhone App

Growing Eco business b2b Eco has launched an iPhone App, using the 2sms fixed price iPhone App development service.

The b2b Eco iPhone App brings to the mobile arena information relating to the business activities of b2b Eco Ltd.

The App provides the following information

- General information
- A feed of the b2b Eco twitter feed, storable offline.
- A feed of the b2b Eco blog, storable offline.
- Product information
- Contact information

Future versions of the App will contain a product catalogue.

2sms launches a mobile App development business

2sms has launched a mobile App development business. Business customers wanting to dip their toes into the world of mobile Apps can take advantage of the 2sms fixed price offer for either a iPhone or Android App.

"Your customers want to interact with you outside normal business hours." says Tim King, CEO of 2sms, "If you can't meet their needs in the mobile space, your competitors will"

"The launch of this business is customer led" he continues, "Our customers wanted more than SMS. They wanted both internal workflow and customer facing services bundled into Apps. Customers told us they wanted to choose from a fixed price offer and more bespoke offerings. We have been pleasantly surprised by the range of customers that we have worked with. Kitesurf manufacturers, DJ's, Eco businesses on the commercial side, and the local Scouts and Bedford Blues in the local community."

2sms launch v2 of the Bedford Blues iPhone App

2sms has publiashed version 2 of the official Bedford Blues Rugby Club iPhone App. It provides Blues fans with information about the club in a mobile environment.

The app provides :

- General club information including notices.
- Club news courtesy of Bedford Blues official media partner Bedford Today.
- A list of official fixtures and results for both the Blues and Academy teams.
- A stream of the official BedfordBluesRFC Twitter feed.
- Championship news from Sky Sports (Showing news for all teams in the RFU Championship competition.)
- Action photos from the Official Photography partner Nigel Rudgard.
- Official Bedford Blues Podcasts courtesy of Sam Roberts.
- Contact information for the ground including phone numbers, email addresses and the main club web site address.
- Listing of main Club sponsors.
- Listing of credits for those who have kindly provided permission to use data for the App, or assisted in making this App possible.

Much of the data is held within the App permitting offline reading of data. A refresh button allows new content to be pulled into the App.

This App is definitely the one and only place to catch everything Bedford Blues!


2sms launch their Android App

2sms has launched an App for Android users. It is free of charge for 2sms customers and can be downloaded from the Android Marketplace. The application allows 2sms customers to send SMS messages from their Android device using their 2sms account. Send messages, view reports, watch videos on our YouTube channel, see our Twitter tweets and access help and support.

Friday, June 24, 2011

2sms QR code

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

2sms becomes a Race Online 2012 partner

The ambition of Race Online 2012 is to ensure that everyone in the UK can enjoy the benefits of being online.

There are nine million adults in the UK who’ve never used the Internet. Over a third of these people are socially excluded and over six million are 65 years old or over. These people are missing out on what is now, for most of us in the UK, the primary route to information, education, jobs and customer savings.

Championed by Martha Lane Fox, the UK Digital Champion, we are building a cross-sector network of partners spanning the public, private and charity sectors. Our partners work together to develop initiatives to inspire, encourage, and support everyone in the UK to get online by the end of the Olympic year.

We are also working to inspire thousands of Digital Champions across the UK to support friends and family who don’t know how to use the Internet, we call them ‘non-liners’, to get online.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

2sms provide the backend system for Go-Safely

2sms is proud to announce that it was commissioned to develop and provides the backend database and SMS services for the new Go Safely product.

Further info on Go Safely

Go Safely

Easy to use with no need to carry any new technology of gadgets Go-Safely works on the principle that you log your journey and arrival time with the Go-Safely system and then ‘check in’ via SMS when you have arrived. You can delay your arrival at any time but if you don’t check in, you’ll be prompted by SMS a couple of times after which a Go-Safely team member will get involved and escalate your situation according to previously agreed procedures.

Employees and Travellers can remove the onerous obligation of furnishing every last detail of where they are and what they’re up to, but know they can be found speedily if need be.

Employers, colleagues, friends and loved ones – know that ‘no news is good news’ because Go-Safely reports only by exception.

1. You send journey details to Go-Safely

2. You may send a message that you are running late

3. You get there and communicate that you have arrived

4. If you don’t, Go-Safely will remind you

5. If no response, Go-Safely checks again

6. If still no response, Go-Safely raises the alarm that you may need help


Ideal for sales teams, representatives, estate agents, surveyors, tourists, community workers, health care workers, children and teenagers, in fact anyone who spends time away from home or the office.

What’s more this level of peace of mind is extremely cost effective and can cost as little as £1 per day.

Give us a call on 01733 585 155 or email us on

2sms launch SMS App for the iPhone

2sms are delighted to launch an App for iPhone users. Visit the Apple App Store to download this free App.

This application allows 2sms customers to send SMS messages from the iPhone or iPad using their 2sms account. Send messages, view reports, and get help. Send messages using your iPhone contacts. Send to one or many message recipients using the 2sms SMS service.

This app provides two sets of services :

- Free to use online 2sms services for use within the app free of charge.
- Access to 2sms subscription service

This app requires a purchase of message credits from the Apple App Store using In App purchase in order to send messages from the App. Customers with existing 2sms credit balances will be able to access the free services, including :

- Reports
- Support
- Account information
- Contact

To use the App, please enter your 2sms userid and password. If you require a no obligation trial account, please visit