Sunday, October 13, 2013

Lunch and learn - 2sms education series

2sms run a 5 minute daily lunch and learn session with their staff, based in 4 countries. As part of the feedback from staff, the suggestion was to offer this same training to customers and visitors to the 2sms web site. To this end, 2sms will be publishing 5 minute 'training nuggets' covering a wide range of topics with the core theme of text messaging, and how it can help customers improve their workflow, productivity, efficiency and effectiveness.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

2sms launches Voice product - 2sms Voice

2sms Voice Cloud

Cost effective, collaborative communication cutting phone costs by up to 50%

Sound familiar? You are growing, yet growth brings more sophisticated requirements for your phone system. More users, some remote, some mobile, some on the road.

What if you could simply replace your existing phone system with a cost effective communication platform, payable on a per-user subscription basis?

Cost Effective: As a cloud based solution, costs reduced:

  • No upfront infrastructure or investment costs
  • No landline / ISDN or hardware rental fees
  • No phone system hardware to maintain and power
  • Collaborative: No matter how virtual you are, colleagues still need to instantaneously meet, edit and agree on actions. 










2SMS Voice Cloud supports this by:

  • Click-to-dial
  • Presence awareness
  • Conference calling
  • Screen sharing
  • Meeting transcriptions
  • Geo-location mapping


As with most intuitive Cloud solutions, there is no need to migrate and launch the new system. No downtime for system launch or training.

  • Continue with your existing phone numbers
  • Utilise existing hardware such as VOIP headsets
  • Continue with existing devices: handsets, tablets, laptops, smartphones
  • Continue with familiar interfaces, e.g. Skype

This is a comprehensive solution for any corporate looking to find cost savings while enhancing employee productivity with leading collaboration tools delivered via one communication platform.