Friday, April 30, 2010

Send your business SMS from Outlook or Excel

Following requests from customers, 2sms has updated its Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Outlook software add-ins.
The new version is now compatible with the most recent operating systems including Vista and Windows 7.
The new version is available to download on the 2sms website under Software Add-Ins.

Monday, April 12, 2010

2sms launch for Australian market

To further support our Australian customers, 2sms is proud to announce the launch of a dedicated Australian web site, located at This web site offers a tailored SME / LE / Govt customer SMS service for Australian businesses. The web site quoted local time zone, services are priced in Australian Dollars, and local support is offered.

Our old site at will automatically re-route to the new web site.

2sms launch 2sms CRM

Working with Westwood Software, 2sms are proud to launch 2sms CRM.
2sms CRM helps customers plan for, deploy and customise Microsoft Dynamics CRM. 2sms also offers a CRM SMS module allowing customers to send SMS messages from Microsoft Dynamics.

We have chosen to partner with Westwood Software because we have worked with the same customers. Visit for more information.

2sms offers the following Microsoft CRM 4.0 services;

* Hosting and Custom Development/ Configuration.
* Integration of third party software with CRM 4.0.
* CRM 4.0 integration with SAP.
* e Commerce Applications and bespoke Solutions.
* We are also a Microsoft Online Services Reseller.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

2sms release new recurring message interface

2sms have released a new interface on their web site for sending recurring messages. This interface provides a more visual way to set up repeat or recurring messages.

In addition, we have also added the ability for customers to run reports on their existing recurring messages to see what they have set up, and we even give customers the ability to cancel their recurring messages.

XML and web services customers can also take advantage of new XML schema methods at to set up recurring messages from within their own applications.

We have overhauled our database engine beind the scenes to more efficiently process recurring messages, building in better observance of daylight saving in the customers time zone.

This represents a major piece of work that followed on from the new 2way SMS project delivered in 2009.