Wednesday, November 23, 2011

2sms launches new SMSC for small and large volume SMPP users

2sms is pleased to announce the launch of a new SMSC, and with it a new plug-and-go SMPP service, which comes with zero setup cost and simple per message billing.

The new SMSC is SMPP v3.4 compliant, and capable of both inbound (MO) and outbound (MT) messaging, with support for full delivery receipts (DLR). The service is an instant setup offering, with no setup or monthly fees. There is no minimum usage requirement and the 2sms SMSC integrates instantly with products like Sybase Afaria, Sybase iAnywhere, X-Methods Alarmpoint and Remedy Helpdesk.

Benefits of the product are:

1. 10 minute setup time from opening an account to sending SMS messages
2. No setup fees or monthly minimum fees
3. Fully SMPP v3.4 compliant
4. Delivery receipts provided
5. Simple 'per message' billing

"Many customers purchase SMS-enabled software and tools only to find that the tools require an SMPP connection. Most SMS suppliers require a lengthy set-up process, big up-front fees and minimum monthly commitments," says Tim King, CEO of 2sms. "Great if you’re sending high volume SMS, not so great if you only want to send small volumes." He adds, "Our customers have been asking for a plug-and-go SMSC with none of the usual costs up front costs, just per message billing. But despite the zero set-up cost, this platform can deliver volume as well." He ends, "Existing 2sms customers can use this service at no extra cost."

The 2sms SMSC is also aimed at SMS providers seeking to improve their supported network reach, since 2sms connects to multiple suppliers to ensure a world-beating international coverage. A single account with 2sms can solve all your network gaps without requiring a hefty commitment or big expenditure – allowing you to reach the Earth without it costing the Earth.

For more information please get in touch with our Sales and Support Team on +44 800 65 222 77 or email

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