Thursday, February 03, 2011

tyntec partners with 2SMS for web-based enterprise SMS for companies of all sizes

The portal provides a user-friendly online front-end access to tyntec’s uniquely high-quality SMS delivery network as well as a range of software options for download. This means full-reliability, powerful redundancy and service availability, as well as a true global reachtyntec today launches its new Online SMS Portal. The user-friendly web interface provides a simple and quick front-end for enterprises looking to access tyntec’s high quality network to deliver SMS around the world in a simple, straightforward way.

The new product provides one-way SMS for time critical alerts and marketing campaigns, as well as two-way SMS, which enables interaction with the user. In addition, the Online SMS Portal also allows for enhanced long messaging, which means messages of up to 3,500 characters can be sent.

Businesses can take advantage of the rich functionality and enhanced self-service features such as:

  • Instant service, same-day provisioning
  • ISO27001 certified website with real-time online reporting
  • 24/7 Support and dedicated account manager
  • Message details held indefinitely, no time limit
  • Easy integration: software add-ons and plug-ins for many CRM tools
  • Peace of mind with tyntec‘s high quality messaging promise

The online SMS interface is powered by UK-based 2SMS, which has a number of industry leading certifications, including being both a Microsoft Gold and Verizon Wireless certified partner.

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